Your Career awaits you at Tinzie Realty!

Do you recall what Mom and Dad used to say, about the grass NOT being greener on the other side?

Well, we believe it is greener...especially on the Tinzie Realty side. It's because of our passion to see you succeed as a Realtor® and a Property Manager, it stands out and the proof is in our team.

Our success is built on Integrity, Honesty and Passion for the Real Estate Industry. We also look at the business a little differently. We don't agree with the traditional brokerage mindset. We do not agree with having you sit in an office answering a few calls a day, hoping that you might get a lead from the call. Your time is better spent out in front of clients and in communities, promoting your business and letting the world know that you are a Realtor®. Sitting in an office answering a brokerages phones and then paying a 50/50 split on the lead, just doesn't seem fair. This mindset makes you completely reliant upon the brokerage for your next lead, as well as the future of your business as an independent contractor/Realtor®

If you feel like you are just floating around with no guidance or just not sure where to start, or simply just want a fresh start, then contact us and let's get you on the right path!

Wanting to be a Realtor?? Looking for a new and exciting career in the Real Estate Industry as a Realtor®? Then give us a call and we can get you set up with the proper schooling, so you can be on your way to being a Realtor®.

We are always looking for Property Managers - Do you have a portfolio...then let's talk! We will make it worth your while.

Some of the things that Tinzie Realty offers...
  • Very Competitive Commission Plans
  • Continuing EducationCourses
  • Access toMarketing Programs and Industry Statistics
  • Training...Training...Training(one on one for better results)
  • 24/7 access for Questions and Support
  • Growing and Respected Name in the Industry
  • Great Teamatmosphere thatCares About Your Success
  • Nice office building so youMaintain A Professional Image(adding locations as we expand)
  • Property Management Divisionbecause we are a full service brokerage.
Let us show you how to be successful in the Real Estate Industry...Call us today!! Click here to Join our Team